Our Product Range

Plain Poly Bags

Crown Pack produces a large range of bags for all sorts of industries: Retail and Consumer, Industrial & Commercial, Horticultural & Agricultural, large and small food producers and processors. We can add print or colour to any product to make them more identifiable. These bags can be designed & supplied for heavy wear and tear using our Tecflex advanced resin with superior molecular structure properties. Crown Pack Tecflex advanced film is used to produce bags in the mining, nursery, pet food and timber industries. Crown Pack produces bags that are used in freezer application to protect products from freezer burn. Crown Pack manufacture any size bags supplied loose in cartons or perforated on rolls so companies can hang these rolls up off the ground and each bag will tear off for easy packing.

Printed Poly Bags

Crown Pack produces a large range of printed bags for presentation within the Retail & Wholesale Food industries, Nursery industries, Promotional industries and covers a broad spectrum of other industries. Crown Pack technology can place an image on a carry bag or outer bags to display your company products. We will work with you to create your new art work so you can promote and enhance your market share. All the plastics that are used to make these bags can be recyclable.

Poly Carton Liners

Crown Packs liners are used in wide diverse markets including fishing, meat packing, fruit and veggie, for retail & wholesale end users. They can be produced in cartons or Perforated on rolls. These carton liners can have punched air holes placed in the bags for extra ventilation.

Poly Lay / Flat Tube or Centerfold Film

Crown Pack Lay Flat tube / Centerfold or u-film (timber wrap) which is supplied on continuous rolls, can be used to wrap a vast array of products. This tubing or C/fold, U-film can be made from our Tecflex advance resin. Our C/fold or U-film is mainly use to wrap timber products. This can be printed to promote your business. Poly L/F tube can also be cut into individual sleeves, packed loose in cartons or perforated on rolls. This item is mainly used as tree guards for covering fruit growing on trees.

Poly Sheets / Single Wound Sheet Film

Food packaging is the backbone of our operation. We produce Food Packaging Bags for very large and small food producers. Products that use our packaging include, pet food, bread, vegetables, ice, fruit, biscuits, nuts, snack food, health food, fast food, diet food, and even vitamin supplements. Our food packaging comes in many forms, from preformed bags to roll form sheet & laminated rewind.